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The Collaborative Change Library & App

Your GLOBAL Guide to transforming organizations, revitalizing communities, and developing human potential:

This growing resource for the methods and tools of Collaborative Change & Innovation brings together 100+ different collaborative change methods — with more to come, and includes a full chapter devoted to each method, covering purpose, principles, process, keys to mastery and its theoretical and empirical foundations. In addition rich user-guide content will support you in selecting, applying, blending, and using the methods — to adapt them to your unique situations. The result is a living and growing community of knowledge that you can access on our app!
Collaborative change is the achievement of mutually desired outcomes through the purposeful experience of sharing among two or more people. Many powerful collaborative change approaches are being used around the world to transform organizations, revitalize communities, and develop human potential - and methods and practices based on these new approaches are continuing to proliferate. 

This this rich curated content will include all of the most widely used collaborative change methods:

  • Appreciative Inquiry, Graphic Facilitation, Open Space Technology,

  • Drum Café, Whole Scale Change, Future Search,

  • World Café, Art of Convening, etc.

… as well as dozens of new and emerging methods that have proven themselves highly useful but are not yet as widely known (and have not appeared in previous compendiums) like:

  • Constellations, Liberating Structures, Collaborative Arts,

  • Applied Improvisation, Genuine Contact, Full Voice,

  • Group Relation Conferences, Spiritual Group Processes,

  • Zegg Forum, and many more.

All of this knowledge will be available in both print and e-book formats—and also through the App that will provide access to the book and periodic updates of new methods, practices, and applications.  This encyclopedic publication will save readers a great deal of time—and make them more productive and effective in their work—by bringing together methods, tools, practices, and approaches that are currently scattered in scores of different books, articles, and websites.


This growing and emerging living community of knowledge is serving those with a passion for collaborative change: Leaders, scholars, practitioners, educators, students, and organizers who have put forth a collective request for a more permanent solution to content development and curation. This request includes a desire for the masters of the work, thought leaders and founders in the field to mentor the next generation.

The book answer questions such as: 

  • What methods are available that have proven successful in addressing today’s needs for collaborative personal, organizational, and community change?

  • What are the key distinctions among these methods?

  • How do I know if a method would be a good fit for my organization or community?

  • How do I get started after I select one or more methods?

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