Collaborative Arts Services 

NEXUS4change offers an array of collaborative arts design and support services to assist Your organization in Your next change initiative by working with leaders, design teams, members and stakeholders of Your organization to create, implement and tailor a design and support solutions to meet the needs and reach the desired outcomes. NEXUS4change collaborative arts design and support services will assist you to:

  • Engage the whole organization - internal and external.

  • Provide a learning, mentoring, coaching & teaching environment.

  • Utilize the experience and collective wisdom of YOUR organization.

  • Achieve desired outcomes with time-tested approaches utilizing the collaborative arts.  

With inquiries contact Chris Simon via email at for further assistance and information on how the collaborative arts design and supports can benefit your next change initiative.


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Collaborative Arts Design & Support Services [example report]

Does your change initiative need a rich & memorable process tool? Are you looking for ways to stimulate  engagement and innovation? Whether you are an internal or OD professional, practitioner, consultant, activist, student, or educator; we offer design and support services to help maximize the potential of Your change initiative, including:  

  • Customized and tailored Collaborative Arts event designs from 1-hour events or a 3-month change initiatives online, onsite, or offsite.

  • Support for logistics, scheduling, coordination and facilitation in person and behind the scenes.

  • Documentation and reporting mechanisms to track the process and impact of the initiative.   


Graphic Recording & Facilitation

NEXUS4change offers graphic recording and facilitation services. Traditional note taking, and even audio and video recording are limited in communicating the big picture, key points and emerging ideas.  Graphic recording captures those key points and ideas in imagery and words that provide a visual representation of the important conversations that have taken place. Graphic recording/ facilitation services can be provided in person on site or remotely digital formats online to give you: 

  • Highly customized graphic recordings of your events and initiative.

  • Tailored recording reports that connect summaries or notes for non-participants.

  • Tangible artifacts for later revisiting and revising of contents and results from meeting and events.

For the graphic recording portfolio, visit www.instagram/nexus4change


Digital & Video Animation

NEXUS4change offers digital animation services where key points and ideas are presented in a digital formats to tell a story around your important and pertinent conversation to make meaningful moments matter. Digital animations can also communicate at times cumbersome information such as survey results in an interesting, innovative and memorable manner. The NEXUS4change team can supply your:  

  • Infographics.

  • Interactive whiteboard animations.

  • Content-driven GIF and video files for social media and online presence. 


Concepting & Illustrating

Visualize models and ideas, talks, missions, or culture using metaphors, lettering, and imagery. This lets viewers see how concepts develop and relate, resulting in frameworks being more meaningful and engaging to your team or audience.
A great tool for: Conferences, Team Discussions, Internal Change Management, or Group Analysis.