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What we offer: 

Why use art-based collaborative processes and methods? Alongside the shared and participative experience, the art created [drawing, whiteboard animation, graphic recording, piece of music, theatrical sketch etc.] can often be used as an artifact for conversation, decoration or even as a way of providing entertainment. 

The Collaborative Arts

Collaborative:  Something being produced by two or more parties working together.  

Art:  The expression or application of creative skill or imagination to create work for beauty and emotional power from skill that is obtained by experience study and observation.

Collaboration + Arts = Change via The Collaborative Arts

The collaborative arts are art-based organizational development and change methods used to facilitate change with lasting impact. The collaborative arts are divided into five domains:  

Music & Dance:  Methods such as Drum Cafe and Circle Song that use voices, drums, claps or pans and spoons to create synergy through music and movement.

Visual:  Change methods that use a visual representation of the change that is taking place: paintings, drawings, graphs, charts, and photography ... are used to create a visual artifact and representation of change.

Theatre:  Approaches that use various forms of acting such such as PlayBack Theatre and Improv where an event can be reenacted to show the connections and impacts of change.

Installation Arts:  Lego Serious Play is an example of the installation arts where the future is constructed by using legos to represent the change.

Storytelling:  Capturing and illustrating change through sharing stories that use improvisation, theatrics, and embellishment that can share and move the culture of a community or organization.