LEARN - sharpen your competencies to confidently facilitate collaborative change events and initiatives.

NEXUS4change curates the best talent development and learning opportunities offered around the world. Are you looking to build competencies to facilitate a 1-3 hour meeting, a 1-3 day summit, retreat, or conference - or become proficient in managing 1-3 year change initiatives? We can help find the right solution for you, your team, and your organization.


NEXUS4change webinars have been a staple in the exchange of ideas in our emerging field for more than a decade.  Please consider joining our mailing list and following NEXUS4change on your preferred social media platform to stay connected to our regular webinar offers. 

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Custom Webinars

We have more than a decade of experience in delivering content-rich and engaging webinars that provide the opportunity to engage and interact with potential clients, connect colleagues and deliver new knowledge and competencies in the virtual realm interactively rather than through presentations or slideshows. Have us deliver your webinars to engage your audience across geographical barriers and create a rich library of learning opportunities.


Our coaching engagements are not simply aimed at increasing your presence, sphere of influence, or overall leadership skills. Leading collaborative change efforts is much more about involving stakeholders and facilitating the wisdom of the diversity in the room - than leveraging your expertise. NEXUS4change coaching aims to connect your energy into synergy, your clarity into strategy and hone your ability to create connections toward a common purpose.

Customized Training

We design your customized training programs to match your current and emerging needs to increase the confidence and competence of your staff/ members/ participants. Each program is informed by best practices to create innovative solutions that meet your company’s objectives.  Our offerings can delivered online, in-person, or in hybrid formats.


Nexus4change is developing diverse online course offerings that range from method mastery to blended approaches for facilitating collaborative events, as well as learning facilitative approaches and collaborative arts tools.

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In-person workshops will be offered as part of our Regional NEXUS Exchanges, at our NEXUS Summits as well as at stand-alone NEXUS4change trainings ranging from one-time events to multi-session workshops. 

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The NEXUS4change Collaborative Change Certification will take the collaborative change practitioner from mastery in 2-3 hour Collaborative Change Events [the White Belt] to 2-3 day Collaborative Change Summits and 2-3 year Collaborative Change Initiatives toward your own practice as a Collaborative Practitioner & Change Agent.   

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