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3RD edition

What is the purpose of the 3rd Edition?

Building on the success of the 2nd edition, the 3rd Edition will continue to serve as a reference book for organizational change practitioners, leaders, scholars, educators, activists, and students.  The book is framed around “change” at its core and fuses the three concepts of collaboration, change, and innovation.  The 3rd Edition will serve as the focal point for the most relevant knowledge in our field.

Why a new edition?

The 3rd Edition is an opportunity for all of us to add to our learning since the original publication and feature new and emerging collaborative change methods, activities, and tools.  The Change Handbook has sold over 36,000 copies, has been translated into four languages, and has been globally adopted by corporate training programs and undergraduate/graduate degree programs.  Our publisher, Berrett-Koehler, expects the growth trend to continue, which is why we are developing the 3rd Edition.

What will be in the 3rd Edition?

The new edition of The Change Handbook will include updated chapters from the previous edition, along with new cutting-edge approaches that have emerged in recent years.  The Change Handbook is unique because it provides fascinating stories from recognized change experts that successfully implement the methods in organizations around the world.

Currently, we have identified 177 approaches to consider, and more are being proposed every day.  The 3rd Edition will be approximately the same size as the 2nd edition.  In addition, we will provide a digital portal to a larger collection of resources in a variety of media formats, assessments, tools, activities, and share digital chapters on emerging approaches that have promising results.  The 3rd edition will also organize the book into a new taxonomy based on what we have learned and feedback from our readers.

Can I suggest a change approach or write a proposal to contribute a chapter?

Yes!  We are seeking new changes methods and tools and currently have an open call to contribute.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Call for Contributors: 

Please, send us a quick note to let us know which methods and tools we should consider!If you believe your tool/ method/ approach should be featured in the 3RD Edition of the Change Handbook, please submit this form