C3 - The Collaborative Change Certification

This Professional Certificate Series is an Unprecedented Certificate Program bringing together Practitioners, Researchers, Leaders and Educators to Advance and Master Collaborative Change Methods in Transforming Organizations and Communities to Thrive in the 21st Century. 


At the edge of collaboration is a renewed understanding that the only way to truly instill meaningful change is to have meaningful conversations - resulting in that which is better than any one person can create alone. At the heart of this notion is the fundamental belief that people are wise and when engaged effectively, the solutions are more innovative, energizing, long-term, and motivating. An important byproduct of such collaboration is the replacement of resistance to change with a commitment to action where people support and defend that which they helped to create.

Join with other passionate professionals in highly interactive sessions where we will together experience the frontier of our change management practice. You will learn how to apply established evidence-based collaborative tools and processes. The Certificate draws from 60+ collaborative methods from around the world as we develop our competencies to design activities, facilitate events, blend methods, and guide nimble teams that can craft and implement change roadmaps.


These methodologies include:

The NEXUS4change Collaborative Change Certificate Series will guide you in developing your mastery in the art and science of transformation on the small and big scale. The journey is comprised of a five belt certification process that takes you through the 3-phase Cycle of Mastery from Method Mastery to Blend Mastery to Invention Mastery. Seven core principles of collaboration are utilized as we explore assumptions, seek and expand common ground, connect learnings, and jointly take ownership of the future of a growing learning community of professionals. Ultimately, when you reach our Black Belt Certification, you will invent your own collaborative change methodology that communities and organizations can adopt as their core process for transforming themselves to thrive in the 21st Century.

In this intensive and interactive certificate series, you will uncover the core principles of collaborative approaches from around the world. Experience and interact with these principles as you to connect with what you care about, enrich what you know, and improve your own collaborative approach. We will provide you with the best tools, research, and practices of those with a demonstrated track record of success. The journey you will embark on is difficult because the stakes are high for the organizations and communities you guide. At the heart of this journey is your passion for making a difference and your commitment to developing the requisite capabilities for whole system collaborative change.  We look forward to seeing you develop your competencies as you leverage this certificate program to pursue your life and career dreams.