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transform organizations, revitalize communities, and develop human potential to create a more whole world where people are better together. 

NEXUS4change is a global meta-community — a community of communities. We convene people from around the world who are passionate about collaborative change. This is the space for you to connect and expand your network. Gain competence and confidence in leading-edge approaches to do impactful work that makes a difference.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  September 6 & 7, 2019 - The Great Lakes Exchange


Why Collaborative Change?

It’s pretty straightforward. People support and defend that which they help to create. One key question for leaders, conveners, and facilitators of communities and organizations is this — who will you involve in the conversation? This is important, because those who craft a picture and plan for the future are the ones who will end up getting it done. 

Intrigued? Join our global community bringing together authors, practitioners, students, practice and process experts for participative change, leaders, scholars, educators, and activist committed to advancing collaborative change from a variety of organizations including business, non-profit, government, and higher-education institutions, corporations, and community groups.

Our goal is to champion all approaches and communities of practice - to celebrate and showcase the work and to leverage and synergize collaborative efforts all around the world. We invite you to: 

CONNECT - to our Communities
EXPLORE - Curated Content
LEARN - in Training & Talent Development
TRANSFORM - through Consulting & Coaching Services

*What is Collaborative Change? 

The purposeful experience of sharing among two or more people in order to achieve mutually desired outcomes.

We are more than a community of practice; we are a community of purpose. It’s not about what method is best. What lies beyond the methods? What are we all trying to do? What is the common work here? Such a focus can be a powerful attractor of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm on behalf of life and life affirming possibility.
— Juanita Brown [Founder, World Cafe]