Emotional Buy-In:
The Collaborative Arts


The Collaborative Arts Family

The collaborative arts are methods and approaches used to create emotional connection and lasting impact. 
They are divided into six domains:  

Visual:  Creating a visual representation of dialogue that shows the conversations in words or images through paintings, drawings, graphs, charts, photographs or videos. A visual artifact is created to represent the change.

Music:  Listening to or co-creating music to build a team, experience synergy, take the 'temperature' of a room; and to show what can happen when everyone is working together as one. Music can be arranged, composed, or performed collaboratively with or without instruments as a mode of representing the desired change and creating an experience of synergy through music. 

Theatre:  Acting or performing out organizational insights, issues, or problems through role playing or improvisation, where the acting out of the issues can spotlight them to show the impact on an organization. 

Tactile:  Creating art that has dimension to the and can be moved and viewed from all angles that is created to represent a change initiative, whether it being a prototype or outcome from an issue. 

Dance:  Creating movement of the body to music or a rhythm being created from the group that connects or provides dialogue around the change. 

Storytelling:  Creating an environment where a person can tell a story around a topic and provide insight to the listeners of the story. The stories told provide a common ground or connection point that brings everyone together.  

Why use art-based collaborative processes and methods?

They offer a shared participative experience and the art created [graphic recording, composition, theatrical sketch etc.] can often be used as an artifact for conversation, decoration, or even as a way of providing entertainment. We offer:

Collaborative Arts Event Design & Supports

Event Designs that leverage Design Teams representative of your participants to focus purpose and outcomes for your collaborative engagement. Our toolkit includes musical engagements, graphic recording and facilitation, playback theatre, and more combined with the planning supports, evaluation, and logistics necessary to move to action in 1-3 hours or 1-3 days through a facilitated experience of synergy that engages without pricey gimmicks.

Graphic Recording & Facilitation

Onsite and online graphic recording and facilitation services capture your key points and ideas in imagery and words that provide a visual representation of the important conversations that have taken place. Graphic recording/ facilitation services can be provided on site or remotely in digital formats.  

Digital Animation

Tell your story around of impact to make meaningful moments matter. Digital animations can communicate at times cumbersome to share information such as survey results in an interesting, innovative, and memorable way.

Musical Engagement

Using CircleSong, Drum Cafe, and related approaches, we facilitate your organization in sharing a tangible experience of synergy as they create, compose, and improvise to uncover new connections and collaborations.