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The cornerstone of NEXUS4change is the Community of Communities Network, bringing together the practitioners, leaders, scholars, educators, students, and activist committed to advancing collaborative change and innovation. Over the past 10 years we have connected established collaborative change communities into into a larger network - so that we can do more together.  We have also introduced the field and the collection of methods with their respective communities to new partners and audiences - identifying resources and the best approaches available. To date, over 8,000 members and participants who have engaged with NEXUS4change.

Our goal is to champion all approaches and communities of practice - establishing a legitimate field - to leverage and synergize the great work being done around the world - to celebrate and showcase best practices - to help organizations and communities find support and help from experts around the world. We are creating awareness of the Collaborative Change field - we are doing this through hosting NEXUS Conferences, trainings and webinars with the experts and founders - and we are building on the community of communities platform to: CONNECT, EXPLORE, LEARN, & TRANSFORM.

NEXUS4change will leverage a shift in the way organizations and whole systems operate and pave the way for healing the mind, body, spirit and mother earth to restore hope for future generations.
— Cheryl Honey [Founder, Community Weaving]

There is a collective request for a more permanent solution to content development and curation in the field of Collaborative Change­ including training, support, and a larger community of practice. NEXUS4change was founded to meet this community of communities need. That is, there are a variety of collaborative methods (e.g., Future Search, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, and World Cafe) that have well established communities of practice. NEXUS4change wants to connect these communities and their collective capabilities.

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“We are more than a community of practice; we are a community of purpose – kindred at a very important point in human history. Now is the time to look for the NEXUS in which the magic can be found in the middle. It’s not about what method is the best. What lies beyond the methods? . . . What is the common work here? What are the principles that we all hold dear?”   – Juanita Brown–Founder, World Café

“We all are committed to reducing suffering at home and in the world. Working on our own, valuable as that might be, we will never have the impact that working in concert on a large, movement level scale might have.”    
– Peter Block–Founder, Civic Engagement

“Up to this point we’ve been learning our scales, each perfecting our own technique. The time is right to learn to play jazz.” – Dick and Emily Axelrod

“It is most important to start our conversations with the larger context—“the world as client.” We need to make sure we include people from around the world in these discussions. Then, we can consider things like shared principles, research possibilities, the role of technology, and our contribution to the challenges facing the world today.”      – Barbara Bunker & Billie Alban–Authors of The Handbook of Large Group Methods (2006) & Large Group Interventions (1997)