Our clients are the reason we do the work we do. The NEXUS4change team believes that collective wisdom and intelligence is found by engaging all stakeholders in a collaborative process. Only collaboration allows leaders and organizations to create inspired innovation that leads to action & results. Our job is to help organizations tap into that wisdom and passion.  Some of our previous clients are:

Future of Toledo Initiative


Mayoral candidate Mike Bell wanted help in engaging the citizens of the city of Toledo and surrounding region in co-creating the future. The process involved three key phases.  Each phase invited more and more people into the conversation. In Phase I. Mike Bell and his team listened and debated.  In Phase II. over 150 leaders from a variety organizations and businesses came to one of four working meetings. In Phase III. an All City Summit invited all citizens of Toledo to work together to create The Future of Toledo strategic plan, where critical challenges and possibilities were identified for the city and region. [www.FutureofToledo.com]

eXtension’s Impact Collaborative


The Impact Collaborative is a collaborative change process and professional development effort created as the result of a Practice Building Initiative conducted by eXtension Foundation with NEXUS4change. It includes a methodology featured in the Collaborative Change Library, a semi-annual Summit, an evaluation framework, and several competency frameworks. The more than 100 facilitators trained in the approach have reached more than 3,000 Extension professionals through Impact Collaborative events and engagements.

Lake Nona Education Initiative

The Lake Nona Education Initiative is a consortium of 30+ institutions designing a collaborative education system for the Lake Nona community in southeast Orlando that would serve as a model for the city and beyond. The consortium came together in 2007 and has gone thought a series of Charrettes: Planning meetings where key stakeholders and decision makers collaborate "real time" in order to accelerate the design and execution of the strategic plan. With the use of a Strategic Engagement RoadMap, a Collaborative Education Master Plan was created and is being executed. [www.educationatlakenona.com

Allied Metals

allied metals.png

As a 3-generation family owned business Allied was challenged by economic conditions and the need to ensure the business was going to stay in the family. Allied Metals found itself looking for ways to improve operation and efficiencies. Being a privately owned family business, they felt an advisory board would help them stay on the cutting edge and offer guidance. We are helped Allied Metals craft a strategic plan, develop an advisory board, and create a succession plan. This project involved extensive research that allowed for a customized solution to fit the unique nature of their business and culture.

Marathon Petroleum Corporation


We provided services that enabled MPC to implement a significant business process transformation across the organization. The objective, triggered by a change in IT processes was to move beyond implementing a new tool - to enabling the business to be a thinking organization - that shifts from creating reports to utilizing information that advances competitive advantage. We facilitated an integrated approach to an organization-wide culture change through a collaboration roadmap that ensured the right people are engaged and focused on achieving key performance indicators, implemented tasks in a timely and reliable manner, while leveraging the power of people’s expertise and experience.

Bowling Green State University


The Charting Our Future process was created to bring together the university's existing planning efforts and allow members of the community to participate in creating a unified plan. Each development phase is complete, the Board of Trustees has approved the plan and the University community has moved into execution.

Anne Grady Services

Anne Grady.jpg

As a Developmental Disability Care organization, Anne Grady is challenged to adjust to a dramatically changing state and federal funding systems. They were looking to improve efficiency, motivation, and morale across the organization. We engaged the organization in a encompassing 1-year strategic engagement process which included work with the leadership team and the board of directors to develop leadership competencies, and all employees to create the strategic planning document and actions.

Vail Meadows Choice Community School

The mission of this organization is to build independence and self confidence through therapy in order to return children with disabilities to mainstream schools. As a new organization, they were struggling with direction. SC&F brought their board, leadership, and teachers together to craft a strategy. The strategic plan allowed them to meet state funding requirements, attract additional support, and build a better school and curriculum.

Ohio DoDD Transformation Initiative

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities [DoDD] is working with developmental disability care agencies statewide to develop strategic transformation plans that support a mission focused on community integration and enhancing the lives of individuals with Developmental Disabilities, leveraging the strengths of an alliance of shared communication and networked supports. NEXUS4change provided collaborative design, facilitation, and arts (graphic recording and facilitation) services for the Transformation Summit.

Daimler Chrysler Accounting


Daimler Chrysler Services, the financial arm of Daimler Chrysler, was forced to respond to new legislation. The accounting department was 60% reconciled and being audited. We took the 150-employee accounting team and a leadership group of 20 managers through a 2-year redesign and structuring process.  Phase I. created a 1-year plan for turning the department around, resulting in going from 60% to 90% reconciled.  Phase II. created a long term strategy for the entire accounting group.  They then created an action plan to become the best service group in all of Daimler Chrysler. 

Mercy College


Under the guidance and facilitation of Dr. Cady, the Mercy 20/20 Initiative grew into a 2-year strategic planning project for Mercy College in Toledo, Ohio with the aim to proactively respond to recommendations from the Higher Learning Commission and become a best practice leader in institutional effectiveness in higher education. [www.tinyurl.com/MercyCollege2020]

College of Business - BGSU

In order to meet the requirements of accreditation, we took the College of Business through a 2-day, all college strategic planning meeting. At the end of the 2 days, priorities had been set and these were handed off to strategic planning committee. The priorities set drive the decision making for the college.

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