Collaborative Supports

We offer Visualization, Evaluation, and Collaborative Arts Services:

Visualization - make change tangible for your stakeholders so they get the picture

The complex challenges you’re facing are hard to explain. When your people are co-creating, visual materials make it easier to ‘get’ a concept or innovative idea. Create engaging visuals for models and  frameworks that describe your strategy, structure, and processes. 

We offer: 
Concepting, Modeling & Illustrating. Explain your model, concept, or idea in a compelling visual that can be quickly understood to help your stakeholders ‘get the picture.’

Graphic Recording & Facilitation. Empower participants to co-create data gathering and feedback in real-time visualization for your events and engagements to foster alignment and follow through.

Digital & Video Animation. Leverage engaging video and animations to promote your brand and clarify your message.

Evaluation - prove and improve your work

Assessing change is challenging. We help you find the right balance of cost, depth, and ease of evaluation to prove and improve your work. 

We offer: 
Event Evaluation. Track your reactions, attitudes, intentions, and learning.

Project Evaluation. Craft protocols that clearly show how your outcomes toward impact.

Competency Frameworks. Evaluate individual competencies that credit the knowledge, skills and abilities for impactful professional development of your staff.

Organization Evaluation. Create performance evaluation dashboards, determine KPIs, and create tools that ensure organizational alignment to highlight your success.

Collaborative Arts - create emotional buy-in for your people as your co-creatives

Have you ever gasped in amazement at a work of art, smiled at the memory of an old favorite tune, felt melancholy from a story that truly touched you? What if you could leverage these shared experiences for your organization? Collaborative Arts engagements offer the emotional experience of a challenge or opportunity. 

We offer:  
Blended Arts Solutions and Customized Arts Design and Facilitation

Seeing your processes ‘play out’ in front of you through Playback Theatre, for example, provides a level change-planning field for C-suite and maintenance staff that is powerful in creating conversation and engagement. Make your client engagement, team-building, or strategic planning both memorable and impactful by weaving together visual, musical, theatre-based, and tactile arts experiences that unleash synergy and creative potential unique to the Collaborative Arts.

Enlivened trainings and events, and empower your participants by leveraging approaches from Graphic Facilitation, Drum Café, and CircleSong, to Power of Imagination Studio. Make your people the co-creators of improvisations, models, and compositions that create community and move your organization to action. Click here for more details on the Collaborative Arts.

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