Virtual Change Management

→ With digital collaborative technologies, do the work that matters when you are together in-person or online. Maximize cost- and time-efficiency with virtual collaboration tools and methodologies. We support any event, project, or initiative with the best of virtual program management and project implementation practices. Save time on travel, updates, and project management meetings by connecting dispersed people and teams virtually.

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We offer:

Virtual and hybrid [online+onsite] meeting practices - Leverage our experience with video conferencing with services like GoToMeeting, or digital breakout rooms in Zoom to enable effective meetings even when only half your team is in the room and the other half is joining virtually.

Virtual and hybrid [online+onsite] large group engagements - Connect rooms full of people across a building or across the country and beyond on virtual collaboration platforms like QiqoChat to conduct productive work sessions and co-own outcomes.

Customized project and program management that fits YOUR workflow - Maximize the effectiveness of dispersed or co-located teams with the the right combination of tools from Asana, Trello, and Monday, to G-Suite add-ons and calendar integration - without the need for costly one-off software solutions for your organization.

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