Collaborative Events


→ Get the best use of your and their time when you are together in-person to do the work that matters. Bring any size group into a room and have them leave 3 hours or 3 days later, owning the co-created outcomes. Enable space for creativity and emergence of the wisdom in the room. Invigorate your conference, meeting, or event in a way that meaningfully engages your collaborators without pricey gimmicks. 

Your Benefits:

To invigorate your engagements toward impact, alignment, and follow-through we will partner to create: 

  • Meetings designed for action.

  • Memorable events that catalyze momentum. 

  • Participant engagement that creates co-ownership of outcomes and eliminates the need to wrestle for buy-in after. 

  • Curriculums that provide value in two hours as well over two months.  

  • Efficient alignment and follow-through. 

  • Clear impact of your engagements. 

Our Process:

BEFORE:  Create a customized engagement:  Determine purpose & stakeholders to convene a Design Team representative of your system that creates a highly engaging agenda to empower your participants.

DURING:  Deliver an event designed around the change formula [DVFS>R].

AFTER:  Set the conditions for follow-through and a sustained commitment to continuous action. 

Our Services: 

  • Meeting Facilitation. Flip your mundane report-filled meetings into engaging work sessions where people solve problems, innovate solutions, and move to action more efficiently. 

  • Conference Design and Delivery. Create meaningful engagements that they’ll remember. Inspire your attendees through engagement approaches from Open Space and World Café to the Collaborative Arts.

  • Workshop Design & Curriculum. Take your training programs and translate them into active experiences with  enduring learning that energizes your participants.

  • Whole-System Events. Bring your whole organization or community into the room to create a desire for change, an inspiring vision, action plans, and the supports to ensure follow-through.    

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Examples of Collaborative Event designs include:  Future of Toledo Engagements, Sessions at the Ohio Employment First Transformation Summits, NEXUS Conferences, Skillsfest 4.0. For more, see our Portfolio.