A Legendary Formula for Change

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There is a formula for change with a legendary reputation that tells a compelling story. It applies to any kind of change you can imagine for a variety of professionals from leaders, consultants, and organizers to educators, students, and scholars. The formula can help us more confidently and competently transform whole systems in an accelerated fashion. Not only can this model help in the design, development, and delivery of change initiatives, it is easy to explain to almost anyone.

DxVxFxS>R. It’s everywhere - it even has its own Wikipedia Entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formula_for_change.

Over the years, the formula has evolved while staying true to the essence of how change unfolds. The formula is not as much a prescription as it is a description of the core elements involved in any level of change.

R [Resistance to Change] can only be overcome with the right combination of D [Dissatisfaction], V [Vision], F [First Steps], and S [Supports]. Moreover, when one of the four D, V, F, S is zero - the math is clear = zero change. For more on the Change Formula visit:

Article: www.tinyurl.com/TheChangeFormula-pdf

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Researching this model and creating processes, methods, and tools to synergize, leverage, and catalyze the Desire for Change [D], Vision [V], First Steps [F] and Supports for sustainable change [S] has been one of the efforts at the center of the community of communities that is NEXUS4change. At the core of our work is this community of leaders, authors, practitioners, scholars, and students of collaborative change. Won’t you join us?

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