NEXUS Great Lakes Collaborative


Feb. 9, 2019 - Focus Theme: TBD

You are invited to the NEXUS4change Great Lakes Exchange - exploring and advancing collaborative change and innovation approaches, in Perrysburg, Ohio. We bring together scholars, practitioners, leaders, educators, and students who value utilizing collaborative approaches in new, creative, and impactful ways. 

This event is for those with NO experience, those with LOTS of experience, and everyone in-between. Join the Friday evening design session and/or the Saturday collaborative community event in a welcoming space filled with laughter, design principles, contemplations, publications, index cards, flip charts, sticky notes, shadow consulting, emerging technologies, food, beverage... and more. Network and share your products and services on our Marketplace! 

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We focus on leveraging the power of 60+ collaborative change approaches to transform organizations and communities as they tackle 21st Century challenges. You can find the list of 60+ methods [broadly referred to as large-group methods/interventions, whole-system change, or large-scale change] in the current edition of The Change Handbook, now going into its 3rd Edition. This new edition will feature the classic methods including Future Search, World Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space, Whole Scale Change, Charrettes, Playback Theater, Drum Cafe, Graphic Recording, and more, but will also feature blending methods such Liberating Structures and the Art of Hosting. The body of methods and techniques is growing exponentially and NEXUS4change is creating an inclusive space for you to connect with the broad community of communities. 

In our upcoming event, we will use the methods of collaborative change, as we learn the methods in order to do better work in the world, knowing we are not alone. If you looking to:

  • Promote and expand your professional opportunities

  • Expand your network and sphere of influence

  • Share and see best practices

  • Hear from thought leaders around the world

  • Identify and find collaborative projects

  • Add to your experience and work portfolio

  • Build your change toolkit with templates, designs, methods, techniques, activities

  • Stay on cutting-edge with curated resources for your library

  • Be a mentor or find a mentor

  • Develop collaborative change and innovation capabilities in "real time"

Come and participate with collaborative change & innovation professionals from around the world. Our experience goes back to Kurt Lewin, Ron Lippitt, Kathie Dannemiller, and other founders of collaborative change. For more than fifty years, people have come together on a Friday evening in a welcoming space to design an experience for a broader community gathering on Saturday. Come and learn by doing and join one or both events - Friday and/or Saturday: 

Fri. - DESIGN NIGHT [ 6pm-9pm ]

  • Come together for an intimate, friendly and fun design experience.

  • Bring a dish or desert to share and your favorite beverage.

  • Experience 'Learning by Doing' Collaborative Design

The Friday evening intensive design experience is filled with laughs, contemplations, design principles, note cards, food, beverage, and community. This evening is comprised of a smaller more intimate group of people [typically up to 20] interested in learning and contributing to the Saturday Agenda. If you want to learn about Collaborative Design - this evening is for you. Then, Saturday becomes a larger gathering in which we use collaborative methods to expand our confidence, competence, capacity, and community.

Join us on Zoom: 

Sat. - The Collaborative [ 9am-3pm ]

  • Share the latest & best in Collaborative Change

  • Connect with local and regional leaders & scholars

  • Join us for engaging conversations, presentations and group activities

Our purpose is to use the methods as we learn the methods in a community of practice - leaving with more than we came in with... giving back more than we realized. Come be with other like minded people committed to the power of collective wisdom and action. Whether you are a beginner or advanced user of collaborative change approaches, this is for you. We often pair up an advanced user with a beginner to co-facilitate an activity - transferring competencies and building mentoring relationships.

If you can not join in person - Join us on YouTube LIVE:

Saturday:  KEYNOTE & Feature Presentation


TO JOIN US in Perrysburg, Ohio - register below. 

Event Details


Design work w/ food & bev starts at 6pm to
9pm with informal conversations after

Potluck & Design Session: No Cost
[bring a dish & favorite beverage] 
20-capacity limit

at NEXUS Headquarters*

  1. Welcome, Introductions & Food

  2. Review Design Process

  3. What is the purpose?

  4. Who needs to be involved?

  5. What conversations need to take place?

  6. Identify Co-facilitators

  7. Room set-up and hand outs

  8. Wrap up/ Check-out

*directions will be emailed to Design-participants who register.

MARKETPLACE [Coffee & Networking] starts at 9am.* 
Sessions start at 10am - 3 pm

Registration Fee:  $10 at check in
[lunch & coffee included] 
75-capacity limit


  1. Welcome and Review of Design Night

  2. Opening Grounding Activity

  3. Keynote

  4. Networking Lunch

  5. Best Practices Tools & Cases

  6. Resource & Evidence Library

  7. Professional Opportunities Marketplace: Publishing, Training & Consulting

*bring your own, or other's books/ flyers/ articles/ for sale items/ brochures/ RFPs/ postings ...  to the Marketplace as you see fit! 

Friday Event Location Information: 
NEXUS headquarters is located on an 17 acre farm 5 min. from BGSU @ Levis Commons. Directions will be emailed to you when you register [below] for the Friday Design Experience. 

Saturday Event Location Information:
BGSU @ LEVIS COMMONS Perrysburg, Ohio 43551at the interchange of the midwest where Cleveland-Chicago [I-80/90] intersects with Detroit-Cincinnati [I-75].

SPONSORED by:  Bowling Green State University's Masters and Doctoral Programs in Organization Development & Change



[$10 at Saturday check-in]*

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* $10 includes lunch and refreshments