Practice Building & Development


→  Our practice building methodology turns you and your organization into a sought after industry thought-leader. Create demand by building your approach into a scalable practice that transforms organizations, revitalizes communities, and develops human potential. We listen, as you partner with us to elevate your practice in areas such as: Collaborative Change, Corporate Philanthropy, Change Management, Community Engagement, and Collaborative Care.

We offer Practice Building and Development to establish your:

External Practice - We help you build a widely recognized practice in your target industries that designs, develops, and delivers high-demand services.

Internal Practice - We help you provide services as a unit, department, or division that adds value within the unique nature of your culture and industry.

To uncover the passion and core competency of what you have to offer, we will partner with you:

Our 5-Step Practice Building Process 

  1. Discover your generative picture of success. Engage your team, partners, and clients to leverage your strengths, experience, and learnings.

  2. Design your platform. Designing a scalable and user-friendly approach that builds on your current best practices and tools to serve as your transformational platform.

  3. Develop your business. Build a sought after practice with a suite of services with offerings that are scalable, highly regarded, increasingly used, and clearly impactful.

  4. Deliver your services. 

  5. Maintain the continuous improvement of your resilient practice through embedded evaluation and integrated learning.

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Examples of Practice Building engagements include: 


eXtension’s Impact Collaborative is the result of a Practice Building Initiative conducted by eXtension Foundation with NEXUS4change. It includes a methodology featured in the Collaborative Change Library, a semi-annual Summit, an evaluation framework, and several competency frameworks. For more see our Portfolio.