Strategic Implementation

→ Whether you are implementing a 1-3 month change project or a large scale 1-3 year initiative, transforming organizations and revitalizing communities does not have to be complicated. Empower the people and stakeholder groups vested in your success with proven tools and customized solutions guided by the change formula [DVFS>R]. 


Benefits & Process  

Get clear about Why, What, Who, How and When to create the collaborative tipping pointwhen a critical mass crosses over the threshold of resistance, that leads to a shift in the cultural mindset built on evidence from behavioral sciences and open systems perspectives. 

To bring about change, we will use the Change Formula: DVFS>R, to get a critical mass of your system to:  

  • Uncover their Dissatisfaction and Desire for change, 

  • Discover their Vision for the future, 

  • Identify tangible First Steps toward that vision, and 

  • Establish the needed Supports to sustain impact. 

  • Resistance is natural, a positive piece of data that tells you what is needed to help people change.

Our services support your:

Transformational Change Initiatives - Engage your whole system as you bring together diverse stakeholders to design a solution and co-innovate their future.

Change Roadmapping - Create a clear visual tool that helps all stakeholders see how and where they proactively engage and collaborate over the course of your initiative’s life cycle.

Change Project Management - Implement your projects efficiently and effectively and synergize your people by leveraging their talents.

For more on the Change Formula, see our Blog Post and Video.

We will guide you in creating a robust collaborative change process and project management approach that works, ensuring we achieve the intended outcomes in a timely fashion. We support you through every step to help you build capacity internally. 

With collaborative technologies, do work that matters when you are together in-person or online. Save time on travel, updates, and project management meetings by connecting dispersed people and teams virtually.

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Examples of strategic change engagements include work with: 


Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Mercy College 20/20 [Organization Change]
Lake Nona Education Initiative [Community Development]
Supports for the DoDD Transformation Initiative [System-Wide Transformation]
For more see our Portfolio.