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3 Questions to design engagements that matter!

Have you ever attended a meeting and questioned, “why am I even here?”

What if instead, you could be part of a collaborative change engagement, where facilitators leverage the fact that people support and defend what they have helped create? Ron Lippitt, one of the founders and thought-leaders for the field of organization development, intuitively asked these 3 simple questions to guide the design of any collaborative meeting or event.

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Der Runde Tisch: Change Practice in Action

the power of the circle is clear to most that even just dabble in facilitating change. The power that is in eliminating the ‘head of the table’ positions and putting conversations on equal footing can’t be denied. I would not be writing these lines, certainly not in English, were it not for the East German Round Table conversations of 1989/90 – and the Berlin Wall might still be here. 

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What would happen if instead of one culture (The Dominants) taking over, a new culture is created that is more robust than both of the original cultures? A Robust system – whether a family, a work team, an organization, a society, or a nation – is a high-energy system where members are using themselves fully, and the whole system is using itself fully (Boudro & Coleman 2019). What would happen?

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