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TRANSFORM - get the consulting supports & services your organization or community needs today.

Our Services focus on leveraging the cost- and time- efficiency of virtual collaboration tools combined with punctuated accelerating virtual or in-person events to move your projects and initiatives forward. We provide the following services:

Practice Building

Our services focus on building entities that create a pull to transform organizations, revitalize communities, and develop human potential. Our practice building methodology is an evidence-based approach that will help you create unique formalized set of services in:

Internal Group Development
Establish internal consulting & development services as a new or improved unit/department/division that builds your organization's capacity to be on the cutting edge as a high-performance leader.

External Practice Development
Create a leading-edge practice that can design, develop, and deliver high-demand services as a boutique firm or division within a major company.

Group/Practice Improvement
Take your group/ practice to the next level as you assess and improve your practice through enriching the strategy, structure, and processes necessary to become a highly recognized and sought after firm in your field.

Our Practice Building engagements develop the models for your approach and customized learning and competency frameworks for your transformation platform. We will detail your approach using the Cycle of Mastery and Eight Design Elements.

Examples: eXtension’s Impact Collaborative is the result of a Practice Building Initiative conducted by eXtension Foundation with NEXUS4change. It includes a methodology featured in the Library of Collaborative Change, a semi-annual Summit, an evaluation framework, and several competency frameworks.

Strategic Change

There are two kinds of change initiatives, those that go with others and those that go it alone. In order to stay competitive, your organization has to change - and on a regular basis. Change does not have to be complicated. We offer a proven approach to help you succeed at all phases of your initiative, no matter how big or small.

Transformational Change Initiatives
Engage Your Whole System as you bring together your diverse stakeholders to design a solution, develop an engagement, co-innovate their preferred future – connecting people that care about the alignment of solutions they have helped create.

Large Scale Change Roadmapping
Map your effort to create a clear visual tool that helps all key teams and stakeholders see how and where they proactively engage and collaborate over the course of the initiative’s impact life cycle.

Collaborative Change Technologies
Develop clearly structured web-based team collaboration with easy-to-identify roles and permissions. Catalyze and capture decisions and action items while leveraging recording options with transcripts to keep everyone informed.

Change Project Management
Synergize your People. We focus on leveraging your greatest resource in making change happen: The talents of the people who passionately pursue the success of your organization.

Go Slow to Go Fast. Clarify the upfront work to simplify and accelerate implementation. When you define purpose, leadership, and actions, you get started and focused on early wins in communicating your plan of action through our collaborative process. Developing the design, support, and facilitation of your change is guided by investigating the components of The Change Formula and a best blended approach of the methods in the Collaborative Change Library, from Charrettes to Whole Scale Change. Engaging all stakeholders early on and asking skeptics to bring their voice to the table, increases ownership and avoids having to wrestle for ‘buy-in’ after the fact.

System-wide: DoDD Transformation Initiative,
Organization: Marathon Petroleum Corporation
Community: Lake Nona Eductaion Initiative
Organization: Mercy College 20/20

Large Group Events

Bring your people [400 or 4.000] into a room and have them leave 2 hours or 2 days later, each feeling a sense of ownership in the co-created outcomes of the gathering. We engage and energize your organization with training- and event designs that are built on translating the energy of your people into the shared learning that creates their desired future.

Collaborative Events
Create meaningful engagements that they’ll remember. Inspire your participants through our decades-long expertise in using engagement approaches from Open Space and World Café to the Collaborative Arts.

Design Teams
We leverage design teams representative of your participants, stakeholders, and partners to deliver on the purpose and desired outcomes for your engagement. Our toolkit includes planning supports, evaluation, and logistics supports that go beyond templates, checklists, and formulas for collaborative engagements from 1-3 hours to 1-3 days.  

Invigorate your Conferences, Meetings, and Company-Wide Engagements thought facilitated synergy that truly engages your audience without pricey gimmicks.

Future of Toledo Engagements,
Ohio Employment First Transformation Summits

Collaborative Arts

Have you ever gasped in amazement at a work of art, smiled at the memory triggered by an old favorite tune, or gotten melancholy from a poem that truly touched your heart? What if you could leverage these experiences as shared awareness for your organization?

Customized Art Design and Facilitation
Enlivened Trainings and Events, Empower your participants through the Collaborative Arts by bringing of visual, musical, theatre-based and other arts to your people as the co-creators of improvisations, models, compositions, and other artifacts for future use and reporting the engagements to non-attendees.

Blended Arts Solutions
Supporting your organization's client engagement, team-building, mindfulness practice, and more – through approaches from Graphic Recording, Drum Café, and CircleSong, to Power of Imagination Studio. Our blended Collaborative Arts Engagements are typically offered as part of the four service areas identified above: Practice Building, Change Management Initiatives, Large Group Events, and Strategic Planning & Org. Design.

The Collaborative Arts engagements offer a unique intersection of the rational and emotional experience of a tension, challenge, or opportunity. Seeing your processes ‘play out’ in front of you through Playback Theatre or Story Bridge, for example,  provides a level change-planning field for C-suite and maintenance staff that’s powerful in creating a conversation and engagement not achievable without Collaborative Arts. Impactful Intangibles showcase and catalyze feelings and intentions as key drivers of sustainable change. The awareness of the intangible components of your system often make or break an initiative.

Visual Consulting

Are you facing a complex challenge or opportunity that seems hard to explain? Do you struggle to make all the elements of a network or system tangible to your stakeholders? Visualization is often critical to getting a concept, model, or innovative idea across to your audience.

Concepting, Modeling & Illustrating
Create visual representations of your work from capturing graphic recordings to visually scoping your work, sharing data, providing feedback, and supporting on-going sustainability in your organization. Using visualization and design thinking you can get more creative and productive results that are co-created and therefore co-owned by everyone.

Digital & Video Animation
Leverage  engaging video content and animations to leverage your brand and clarify your message.

We work with you to breakdown complexities into usable information that can be quickly understood and learned through and help your stakeholders and constituents get the picture.


Assessing change is challenging. We won’t promise low-cost and immediate evaluation results – what we promise is the right balance for YOUR effort between cost/depth and ease of evaluation to prove and improve your work.

Event & Participant Evaluation
Track your audience’s reactions, attitudes, intentions, and learning.

Project & Practice Evaluation
Craft evaluation protocols that clearly show how your desired outcomes for projects, programs, or initiatives are being achieved and leveraged toward impact.

Competency Frameworks
Evaluate individual competencies that give credit for KSAs developed and offer insight for future learning.

We evaluate your initiatives, trainings, and programs by providing protocols, templates, framework creation and evaluation implementation services for your other specific evaluation needs. We use 5 Levels of Evaluation, meaning we will create evaluation plans, frameworks, and instruments based on your specific needs in determining:  
Level 1. - Reactions, Attitudes, Intentions
Level 2. - Learning
Level 3. - Behaviors
Level 4. - Results/ Impact
Level 5. - Return on Investment

Our focus is not on simply on replacing your old systems, habits, practices with ‘better’ new ones, but instead to build on your organizational/ community history and context in developing new successful practices that will inform and resound in your day-to-day practice long after an engagement with NEXUS4change has ended. Our offerings are informed by the methods, models, tools, activities, and most importantly the people that are represented in the community of knowledge that is the Library of Collaborative Change.

NEXUS4change services do not seek to give you ‘our answer’ to your organization’s issues, but rather to provide frameworks, models, engagements, approaches, tools, and structures to achieving the mutually desired outcomes of the people in your organization through the purposeful experience of sharing, learning and creating their desired future together.   

We can help you address:  Process Improvement, Organizational Design, Strategic Planning and more. At the core of Becoming/Remaining a high performing High-Impact organization is an elegant strategy, structure, and processes:  With the pace of change continuing to accelerate, your organization’s priorities, focus energies, and operations must adapt continuously. We provide clear frameworks for a participative process to achieving both your short- and long-term goal and objectives.

Our Client Portfolio

We work with a variety of organizations, in the for-profit, not-for-profit, government, and higher-education sectors. 

Past & current clients include:  eXtension Foundation, Con-Agra, Dana Corporation, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, Mercy College, the City of Toledo, Daimler-Chrysler Accounting, Allied Metals, the Lake Nona Education Initiative, the Urban League, Toyota, Anne Grady Services, the Wood Co. Port Authority, Parker-Hannifin, BP, Alcoa, the Tavistock Group, Bowling Green State University, the Wood Co. Economic Development Commission, Vail Meadows Choice Community School & more.  

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