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When something has to change - collaborate to transform.

Leverage our support for your transformation through:
Practice Building, Strategic Change, and Collaborative Change Events services in online, hybrid, and onsite formats:

Strategic Change

Disrupt the Status Quo to Create a Paradigm Shift for Your Organization

You’ve got a major change that has to be done in an accelerated fashion. Leaders are saying, “this better be a success, or else.” People feel disconnected and disenchanted with major change initiatives that seem like just another fad. 

→ Whether you are implementing a 1-3 month change project or a large scale 1-3 year initiative, transforming organizations and revitalizing communities does not have to be complicated. Empower the people and stakeholder groups vested in your success with proven tools and customized solutions guided by the change formula [DVFS>R] to streamline your strategic planning and implementation.

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Collaborative Events

Make Your People and Stakeholder Groups the Cornerstone for Change

Are your meetings full of lengthy reports followed by random questions and postponed decisions? Are your people frustrated that their time isn’t used wisely? 

→ Get the best use of your and their time when you are together in-person to do the work that matters. Bring any size group into a room and have them leave 3 hours or 3 days later, owning the co-created outcomes. Enable space for creativity and emergence of the wisdom in the room through collaborative arts. Invigorate your conference, meeting, or event in a way that meaningfully engages your collaborators without pricey gimmicks. 

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Practice Development

Become a Sought-After Industry Thought-Leader

You have an approach that has immense potential to make an even greater difference but you are not getting much interest and it seems your expertise is not valued. You find yourself not working on the best projects and charging less than you could. You need a thinking partner to build to scale.

→  Our practice building methodology turns you and your organization into a sought after industry thought-leader. Create demand by building your approach. We listen as you partner with us to elevate your practice in areas such as: Collaborative Change, Corporate Philanthropy, Change Management, Community Engagement, Collaborative Care and more.

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Virtual Change Management

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Leveraging the Cost- and Time-Efficiency of Virtual Collaboration Tools

With digital collaborative technologies, do the work that matters when you are together in-person or online. Save time on travel, updates, and project management meetings by connecting dispersed people and teams virtually. We support any event, project, or initiative with honed and established virtual change management tools and practices.

Collaborative Supports

Collaborative Arts - Create emotional buy-In for your people as your co-creatives through
Blended Arts Solutions and customized Arts Design and Facilitation.

Visualization - Make change tangible for your stakeholders so they get the picture with Concepting, Modeling & Illustrating. Graphic Recording & Facilitation. Digital & Video Animation.

Evaluation - Prove and improve your work with Event Evaluation, Project Evaluation, Competency Frameworks, and Organization Evaluation.

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Build on your history in developing new successful practices that will inform and resound in your day-to-day practice long after an engagement with NEXUS4change has ended. Leverage the methods, models, tools, activities, and most importantly the people that represent our community of knowledge - the Collaborative Change Library - for your organization.

NEXUS4change services do not seek to give you ‘our answer’ to your issues, but rather build your capacities to achieving the mutually desired outcomes of the people in your organization through purposeful sharing, learning, and creating their desired future together.   

Our Client Portfolio

We work with a variety of organizations, in the for-profit, not-for-profit, government, and higher-education sectors. 

Past & current clients include:  eXtension Foundation, Con-Agra, Dana Corporation, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, Mercy College, the City of Toledo, Daimler-Chrysler Accounting, Allied Metals, the Lake Nona Education Initiative, the Urban League, Toyota, Anne Grady Services, the Wood Co. Port Authority, Parker-Hannifin, BP, Alcoa, the Tavistock Group, Bowling Green State University, the Wood Co. Economic Development Commission, Vail Meadows Choice Community School & more.  

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