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TRANSFORM - get the consulting and coaching supports & services your organization or community needs today.


The NEXUS consulting team leverages the best expertise and practice from around the world to deliver collaborative change services that your organization or community needs today. We have an excellent track record of success because our blended approach is evidence-based and grounded in the principles of healthy collaborative change. Our consulting services focus on leveraging the cost- and time- efficiency of virtual collaboration tools combined with punctuated accelerating virtual or in-person events to move your projects and initiatives forward.

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We offer engagement services that will help you innovate your solutions with the broadest execution in the most efficient and strategically aligned manner.  Our approach blends the best methods that engage diverse groups in co-innovating an inspired future that leads to action.  This is the purpose of our collaborative processes - to connect people around what they care about in order to respond to challenges and seize on possibilities together. 

"If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb

Process Improvement

In identifying and analyzing your processes, we offer recommendations leveraging our models and expertise to increase your effectiveness. Our collaboration-focused approach seeks to define clear action steps of stakeholder engagement, involvement, and evaluation to measure impact.

Strategic Planning & Org. Design

We provide clear frameworks for your organization’s success in achieving both short term and long term objectives. Defining the purpose, leadership, and actions for those objectives as well as communicating your plan of action is achieved through our collaborative processes.

Change Initiatives & Projects

We offer design, support, and facilitation of your change effort at all phases of planning and implementation. Our process engages representative diverse groups of your system in co-innovating their preferred future – connecting people that care about the alignment and innovative solutions they have helped create.

Practice Building & Innovation

We guide the discovery, design, and creation of your organization’s change innovation methodology and practice by formalizing your strategy, structure, processes and human capital needs toward scalable action steps for continuous iteration and improvement.

Collaborative Events

To engage and energize your organization, we offer event designs that build on leveraging design teams representative of your audience and participants to focus on your purpose and desired outcomes for an engagement. Our toolkit includes planning supports, evaluation and logistics supports that goes beyond templates, checklists and formulas for collaborative engagements from 1-3 hours to 1-3 days.  The focus is on a facilitated experience of synergy that engages your audience without pricey gimmicks.

Collaborative Arts

Catalyzing your organizational system or community through a collaborative arts engagement offers a unique intersection of the rational and emotional experience of a conflict, tension or challenge. We offer the customized design and facilitation of engagements and projects that empowers the members of your organization as the co-creators of improvisations, models, compositions and other artifacts for future use and reporting the engagements to non-attendees.


Evaluate your efforts to prove and improve your work. We provide protocols, templates, framework creation and implementation services for event and participant evaluation, project and practice evaluation, as well as your specific evaluation needs.

Our Client Portfolio

We work with a variety of organizations, in the for-profit, not-for-profit, government, and higher-education sectors.  

Past & current clients include:  eXtension Foundation, Con-Agra, Dana Corporation, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, Mercy College, the City of Toledo, Daimler-Chrysler Accounting, Allied Metals, the Lake Nona Education Initiative, the Urban League, Toyota, Anne Grady Services, the Wood Co. Port Authority, Parker-Hannifin, BP, Alcoa, the Tavistock Group, Bowling Green State University, the Wood Co. Economic Development Commission, Vail Meadows Choice Community School & more.  

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